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Howdy again,

In case you missed part 1, I went over some deck building basics as well as some TCG basics in general. Notes from the weekend:

-One thing I learned from my playing this week was that you need to be aware of your energy vs. physical attacks. In general I think that it is correct to play 70-30% in favor of physical. This may not be true depending on your deck build. With the captain you will have plenty of allies to give you the energy you need allowing you to play more energy attacks than normal. Also a very defensive build (like namekian or blue) would pass nearly every turn meaning that your opponent will have less opportunity to catch you with low energy. The danger is if you go into combat on your turn and end combat at zero power due to opponent beat-down. Passing to your opponent in this situation is super scary and can snowball into a quick death.

Ok moving on, this week I was going to talk about card advantage but I was requested to go over the Saiyan style, so here we go!!!

I will rank all cards on a 1 to 3 basis. 1 being trash, 2 being filler and 3 being an auto include for most decks. When evaluating cards in DBZ there are some major things to consider.

Card effects- Cards that do effects other than just combat are extremely valuable. If this effect is not on hit it is much more powerful as many of your attacks will be blocked and effects that occur before hit can not be responded to by your opponent. Something as simple as do a critical effect (see saiyan pinpoint blast below) is extremely powerful due to you opponent’s inability to respond. You were going to block with guldo?- I guess not. The dragon ball was going to prevent the damage?- I don’t think so.

Card advantage-I will often talk about x for 1. This is a measure of card advantage for a given card. I equate card advantage as shown:

-Draw a card. The simplest form of car advantage this is worth +1.

-Stay in play to attack again. As with draw a card this essentially gets you a replacement and counts as a +1.

-Anger gain. I rate an anger as 1/2 a card. This means a card that adds 2 anger is worth +1 for me.

-Rejuvenate. Unlike other card games, life gain (in the form of rejuvenate) is much more powerful due to the high amount of searching and your life and deck being one and the same. I value each rejuvenate as 1/2 a card.

-Allies/ Drills. Allies and drill can be especially powerful as they as as a card that often stays on the board for multiple turn. This means they can give you additional advantage over and over. Depending on the card and the game situation these can net you a ton of card advantage. If drawn at the wrong time, they are a dead card in your hand. They come at a risk but many can be extremely powerful.

-Other effects. There are many unique effects such as search or return from discard that i will address as I evaluate each card.

Saiyan Empowered Mastery

This mastery gives you anger for each attack, netting you around 2 anger a turn. This is quite a powerful effect also netting around +1 card every turn. Also the stage gain can be used to power out a plethora of energy attacks. For me I think this mastery shines best with physical attacks but this may change as new cards are added.

Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam – 3

I think this card is a fantastic physical. Plus 5 is huge especially given it requires no stages from you and comes with a benefit attached. I feel that rejuvenate is worth about 1/2 card per so this is worth at least a 2 for 1 hits hard and costs you nothing. Play three if you got ’em.

Saiyan Analysis Drill – 1

Low impact card (no card advantage) and will removed as soon as you level up. Perhaps a playing one of them in some limited cases, but not really worth it in most decks.

Saiyan Arm Catch – 2

A very solid block. I feel that anger is worth around 1/2 a card so this is a 1.5 for 1. Endurance is rather random but endurance 2 can be quite good and when used with Trunks can be setup. Likely a three of.

Saiyan Cheap Shot – 2

3 stages is quite a bit especially if you are focused on physical combat. 6 banished is fairly strong but the lack of any additional effects only makes this so so.

Saiyan Clothesline – 3

A huge psychical finisher. This card can deal an absurd amount of damage if unblocked. Not a lot of card advantage here just a very hard hit. If you are playing trunks, you can take advantage of his high power to push through a ton of damage. Three for me!

Saiyan Direct Strike – 2

I want to give this a three but it doesn’t quite have the flash to fall into that category. Given its high endurance and reasonable plus stages this is one of the most solid cards in saiyan. I would play 3 of in almost every deck but this is definitely in the realm of a fair card.

Saiyan Diving Burst – 1

Without any automatic effects this card can be a risk. You can definitely hit them hard in the right situation but will often use a life card and 2 stages only to pull a block from your opponent.

Saiyan Domination – 2

Although this does limited damage, the effect of this card can be quite devastating. Using this correctly can take some skill and even than there may be situations where the effect does very little. Given its potential I would play 2 to 3 in most decks.

Saiyan Elbow Drop – 3

This is a straight up 2 for 1 card. Given it interaction with your mastery you also gain 2 anger and often recover the stages used for this attack making it a 3 for 1. You should play 3 for sure.

Saiyan Energy Deflection – 2

A decent block. Nothing amazing here but you likely need to play 3 of to get a good amount of block in your deck.

Saiyan Energy Focus – 2

This card is quite the skill tester. Although the ability to shut down multiple drills and allies for a turn is quite powerful, it is also quite narrow and does little damage. I would happily play 1 or 2 but its not needed.

Saiyan Energy Rupture – 3

Can hit quite hard and lower 2 anger making it a 2 for 1. A three of in most cases.

Saiyan Energy Toss – 2

Although the damage is only mediocre for an energy attack. the additional anger and card effect can be quite powerful. If played first this card can net you quite a bit of additional damage making it a quite solid. Likely a three of but I am not positive.

Saiyan Enraged – 3

This card is an absolute bomb!! It will often net 3 or 4 anger plus a card making it a 3 for one in many cases. Play 3 because you’re not allowed to play 4.

Saiyan Face Stomp – 1

Not a terrible card but not amazing either. Given your pool of other card you could play this will often not make the cut.

Saiyan Flying Tackle – 1

Meh, not so good

Saiyan Focus – 2

Sort of a risky block. In most cases, dropping your opponents power is quite good. The problem arises with the captain. Enabling your opponents allies is quite bad making this a 2 of for most decks. Did I mention Ginyu is everywhere.

Saiyan Foot Stomp – 1

Although the -2 anger is quit good, the fact that it is only on hit makes this card only so so.

Saiyan Gut Kick – 2

A hard hitting physical with a unique effect. Not exactly card advantage but getting two attacks in a row can be quite good depending on your hand.

Saiyan Left Kick – 2

Hard hitting physical plus anger. Not amazing but definitely worth playing. This does life not stages so focus on using later in combat once you have softened em up a but. 2 or 3 of depending.

Saiyan Light Jab – 2

Decent physical with a small on hit rejuv. Due to on hit this card is much less good than it looks. A filler card if need be.

Saiyan Lightning Dodge – 2

Just like Saiyan focus a powerful yet risky card. If it wasn’t for the captainthis would be a three of but as is 2 is more likely correct.

Saiyan Multi-Blast – 2

If the draw wasn’t on hit this would be an automatic 3. As is this is a solid card that requires a block. It doesn’t hit hard but card advantage is key to any good deck.

Saiyan Offensive Rush – 2

I haven’t seen this card in action but 4 stages seem like quite a bit for this ability. If you get three attacks it can net you 9 life so there is quite the potential there but it is fairly costly to activate.

Saiyan Pinpoint Blast – 3

Power ability makes this an auto include for most decks. This card allow you to smack a ally before they can respond making it quite useful.

Saiyan Power Up – 2

Card advantage is great but since this is not a combat card it benefits a bit less from you mastery. You should likely play 1 or 2 but its not required.

Saiyan Prelude – 1

Not very good. It makes you attack that much more attractive to block and can lead to 2 for 1 in your opponents favor. Trust a card game veteran and don’t play this card.

Saiyan Preparation – 1

Not exactly card advantage as the card itself does very little. I would avoid this unless you really need the stacking effect.

Saiyan Retaliation Drill – 1

Sort of a do nothing. The additional damage in minor and the drill will get quickly discarded as you fly up in anger.

Saiyan Sabotage – 2

Low damage and being an on hit effect makes this quite weak but due to your lack of board control in this style a likely 1 or 2 required.

Saiyan Scouting – 1

As an event this is quite weak. This ends up being a do nothing in combat when you would much rather have a combat or block.

Saiyan Straight Shot – 1

Weak damage and weak effect. There are better cards out there.

Saiyan Supreme Block – 2

Anger bonus and rejuv is nice but not amazing. Likely a required 3 of to meet you block requirement.

Saiyan Surprise – 3

Great versus ginyu and ginyu is everywhere so play 3 already.

Saiyan Triangle Beams – 1

Ability will often not trigger due to endurance and such making this just a mediocre attack.

Saiyan Uppercut – 2

Solid filler. Nice static damage that is independent of stages. 2 or 3 if you need em.

Saiyan Wrist Block – 2

As with all of these block you run the risk of turning on allies. Due to Ginyu running wild this can be a risk to play.

Putting it all Together

Now that I have rambled for a while lets put together a sample list. I will choose trucks as the hero for a few reasons.

1)Trunks has a banish effect on his personality which is lacking on most of the available cards

2)Trunks has high overall power at every level making him much more ideal for a physical based deck, which i think is the Saiyan style strength

3)Trunks is easy to get

Unlike many heroes that have on card attacks, you have to play carefully to maximize his ability.

-Try to get the most out of his banish as your deck has limited banish

-Stack endurance when on the defense and on the attack stack you opponents deck (when you can) to try to give him junk

-Take advantage of his natural strength with a ton of physicals

Saiyan Beat Down!!

Saiyan Empowered Mastery


Trunks Inquisitive

Trunks Resolved

Trunks Energy Charged

Trunks Young Super Saiyan


Confrontation x 2

Saiyan Enraged x 3

Saiyan Power Up x 2

Time is a Warrior’s Tool x 1

Visiting The Past x 2


Saiyan Supreme Block x 3

Saiyan Energy Deflection x 3

Saiyan Focus x 2

Saiyan Arm Catch x 3

Saiyan Lightning Dodge x 3

Saiyan Wrist Block x 2


Devastating Blow x 3

Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam x 3

Saiyan Clothesline x 3

Saiyan Direct Strike x 3

Saiyan Domination x 2

Saiyan Elbow Drop x 3

Saiyan Energy Focus x 1

Saiyan Energy Rupture x 3

Saiyan Energy Toss x 2

Saiyan Gut Kick x 2

Saiyan Pinpoint Blast x 3

Saiyan Sabotage x 2

Saiyan Surprise x 2

Trunks’ Sword Slash x 2

This deck focuses on the physical beatdown. The energy attacks are included due to their powerful effects but you should often use them later in combat to attack at highest stage whenever possible (unless you want an effect like pinpoint or saiyan domination). Due to the limited number of block I had to include some power dropper block which can be dangerous vs Ginyu. This deck wants to be as aggressive as possible attacking when ever possible.

That’s all for now, take it easy eh.


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