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Hello all,

I wanted to take a break from card game playing to talk about board games. I love board games and you should too. In fact with all of the game out there, I guarantee there is a game out there that you will love. I am always looking for a great game and here are some that I have been eyeing lately. Check out the links for a video review of each game!!


This unique game is a mix of tactical  card engagement and 2D fighter games like street fighter. This game has a huge variety of characters (50 or more in all the different games and promos) with unique abilities and cards. It has rules for tournament games, even a solo dungeon crawl with clues to unlock a secret character. For those who love fighting games this is a gem that has almost endless replay-ability. For me this hit all the things I love:

1 to 2 players (mostly a 2 player game)

Card based gameplay

Tactical decision making

Quick games

Great depth of characters and options without huge complexity

Baseball Highlights 2045

For those who are sport fans I have found a super cool game for you. This game simulates a baseball game (IN THE FUTURE!!) with back and forth card play and a super cool draft mechanic that allows you to build a unique team full of robots half human robots and even super humans. Many of the charters are mix of real people (Ty Terry and Micky Maris). For those that love baseball you will find a game full of familiar names and team, for those that don’t love baseball, you will find an exciting and interesting game with great depth.

2 player game

Card based ping-pong like game play

Draft mechanic to build your own team based on character your know and robots you don’t

A fun gift for the sport fans

King of Tokyo

For those that love Yahtzee and other dice rolling game this is a hidden gem. You play the role of city smashing monsters, plastic suits and all. Every turn you build up energy, punch other monsters, heal up or gain points. The game is easy to learn and is a blast to play. Fun for families or groups of friends.

Group game (2 to 6 players, i think)

Dice rolling fun

Fun theme with awesome city smashing powers

But wait there is more…

What kind of game are you looking for? There are a couple of great resources to see whats out there:

Check out the dice tower. A great source for reviews, previews, previews and top ten lists.

Board game geek although quite intimidating is the number one source for all board games ever. Basically the encyclopedia and IMDB of board games. A great place to look before you buy.

Take it easy-


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