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Howdy all.

Before I dive into this, let me introduce myself. I have been playing magic for over 15 years and I am a big time magic drafter. I have won a pro tour qualifier in magic, for two-headed giant. I don’t consider myself a pro but I am quite knowledgeable and I am always searching for the next big sneaky tech or interesting idea.

Why do I say all this? Well I have just gotten into the DBZ trading card game. I have not been able to play many games and I have been looking for ideas and such online. I regularly search the net for magic knowledge and ideas but when it comes to DBZ I have found  a distinct lack of knowledge. What I have found I will now share with you. I am no expert at DBZ but I hope that my understanding of TCGs will be helpful to all. Sit down and listen to my theory craftin’.

Part 1-Getting Started

Before we talk about strategy (I’ll get there), we need to talk about what a TCG is.

T is for trading. The most important part of any TCG is the trading of cards. For DBZ if you buy a starter you get around 10 of each style card, a random hero, and some shiny stuff. The problem is that in DBZ you want a deck built around a style mastery or even a specific hero. This means you need around 50 cards of a specific style so what do you do? Well you could buy more starters/packs (and I think you should) but even than you won’t be able to get everything you need. What you need to do is Trade. Find other players and trade your cards. Some cards are worth more than others, so it never hurts to check prices but get out there and trade. Why should 6 people have rather unplayable decks when with a little trading they could all playable decks.

CG is for card game. Its a game, go out and play. Find some friends, find a card shop, find a willing family member, just get out there and play. If you need some help on how to play, check out this useful tutorial here:

Ok now that we’re through that lets talk about basic deck crafting in DBZ. For now, we will not worry most powerful victory or dragon ball victory, just your plain old beat down.

1) Your deck needs to be 60 cards (exactly) and your 4 hero cards that you keep to the side

2) You should pick a mastery: Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Sayian or Namekian. Each mastery does very powerful stuff and greatly effects how your deck works and how you plan to win. Some heros work best with certain masteries and some masteries have limited heros that can use them (Sayian or Namekian).

3)The basic shell for a deck is as follows:

10 ish non-combat cards- this can be drills, dragon balls, events and setups. Often you don’t want to run too many of these as you don’t want to draw to many during a combat step.

10 to 20 ish blocks- Blocks are key to stopping certain attacks that activate on hit or even very scary attacks that must be prevented. Depending on your deck build the actual number of blocks can vary greatly.

30 to 40 ish attack- This is the most important part of your deck. You can’t win in a punching match if you have no punches…

…and that’s it. Well not really there is more to be said and more to come. Next time we will talk what makes some decks better than other: card advantage, hero advantage, allies and much more.

A couple of resources before i go:

For those interested in deck ideas and even watching some matches check out this you tube channel:

For a super sweet card search engine (like gatherer for those that play magic):